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Hurricane Nate is now projected to become a Category 2 storm before making landfall late Saturday night.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm is now about 280 miles south of Mobile and is still moving NNW at about 20 mph. Likely landfall is predicted along the Louisiana/Mississippi border near Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  The storm is now packing winds of about 90 mph, with projections for 100 mph by landfall.

Storm surge is now projected to be about 11 feet – an increase of about five feet over previous expectations.

Choctaw County is still projected to be in the target area of the storm as it makes its way inland.

Projections show that the area should start feeling effects from the storm late tonight or early in the morning, with the bulk of the storm hitting the area by about 7 a.m. Sunday morning.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for Choctaw and surrounding counties. Officials say that the area could see strong wind gusts of up to 70 mph or higher, significant rainfall, and the potential for tornadoes as the storm plows through the area.

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